Buyer’s Moving Tips

Send Change of Address to:

___    Post Office: Give forwarding address

___    Change addresses on all credit cards and bank accounts

___    Change addresses on magazine subscriptions

___    Notify friends and relatives

___    Notify insurance companies (auto, home, life, health, fire, etc.)

___    Change auto registrations

___    Change address on driver’s license

___    Notify utility companies (cable TV, internet, electric co., gas co., water co.)  Don’t forget to claim any deposits from old address.

___    Notify newspaper and all other neighborhood route drivers

___    Get school and medical records. Ask doctors and dentists for referrals

___    Transfer prescriptions

___    Make sure to get pet records and think about bringing all vaccinations up to date before you move.


Don’t Forget to:

___    Empty and defrost your freezer

___    Consider having appliances serviced before you move

___    Check your insurance coverage if you are using a moving company or moving yourself.


On Moving Day:

___    Carry all valuables with you (cash, jewelry, documents, etc.)

___    Make sure to leave all keys and garage door openers with your agent