As Your Agents . . .

Our Most Important Task is Helping You Find

the Right House in the Right Neighborhood at the Right Price!

We do that in a number of ways.

  • We begin every day by searching for properties that match the criteria you gave us when you became our customer client.

  • As soon as we find a property (or properties) that fit what you are looking for, we notify you.

  • We may use some professional discretion and let you know about a property that we think may be of interest to you even though it may not be a perfect match to all of your criteria.  For example, we may notice a property that is listed above your stated price range that we believe may be purchased below it’s listed price, or we may find a house that fits your price, size, and style, but is located just outside of your preferred neighborhood.

  • We make certain our customers and clients are aware of every listing that is close to what they say they want, even if it’s not perfect in every respect.

  • We know that buying a home is sometimes a compromise between price, size, location, and other needs and wants.

  • We help you schedule viewings that fit your schedule, so there’s little if any inconvenience for you.

  • Before you view a property, we provide you with in-depth details on the home, so you can make an informed decision. This includes closing dates, market value, and more. Later, if you have questions, we get the answers for you.

  • When you find a property you like, we give you our honest, professional recommendation as to how well the home meets your needs and wants. You won’t have to make such an important decision without our expert advice.

We Do Our Best to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Your Dream House!

When a Desirable Property Comes On the Market, You Will Be Alerted!

We are Committed to Getting You into the Right House, in the Right Neighborhood, at the Right Price.

We are With You Every Step of the Way, Twenty-Four Hours a Day Until the Deal is Closed.


What to Look for When Looking at a House

Here are a few questions and ideas to consider when viewing homes to help make the process easier and more productive:

  • Does the home have your “must have” features (number of bedrooms, closet space, kitchen size, etc.)?

  • Does the home have any of your “want” features (large backyard deck, spacious family room, etc.)?

  • What is the general condition of the home? Are there signs that the owners have kept up with repairs and maintenance?

  • Will the home need any major repairs, remodeling or renovations? Is there anything, such as the furnace, that may need to be replaced soon?

  • What do you like most about the home?

  • Is there anything about the home you don’t like? Can that be changed with a remodel or renovation now or in the future?

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood. Are the homes well-kept, indicating pride of ownership?

  • Do you like where the home is situated in the neighborhood?

  • Does the neighborhood have what you want (access to public transit, shopping, local parks, etc.)?

Viewing Properties Should Never be a Frustrating Ordeal!

Don’t Wait!  Today May Be the Best Day to Buy Your New Home!

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